31 days down

Well, I haven’t skipped a single day in October for blogging!

Has it become a habit? I don’t think so. I don’t think I have a “trigger,” and I really only kept up because I said I would. I don’t always write at exactly the same time, and I don’t always follow a “theme.” Some days, I truly had nothing to write about, but I posted any-old-thing all the same. Others, I had so MUCH to post about, that I would publish two posts and save 4 drafts.

I think posting everyday without a true focus hindered me a little. But I could also see that posting everyday made me not worry so much about writing something “perfect” to post, but rather something that was good enough. Before this month, I had so many great ideas to post, but I would never get around to actually writing and publishing them. So in the midst of my “meh” posts, I had ones that I was truly proud of.

All in all, I’m really proud of myself for keeping up. I want to keep focusing on “food and fun” in the various cities I’m in as well as my whole college experience.


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