House of Many Ways

I cannot get enough of Diana Wynn Jones. Specifically,  I cannot get over the Howl’s Moving Castle series. These are children’s books. And I verbally cannot express how much I love this series. I love the dry humor, the touches of “love story” elements without overwhelmingly being about a cheesy romance, the matter-of-fact tone, the intricate story lines…There’s nothing pretentious about them, and I love that.

The day before my interview, I picked House of Many Ways up and read the whole thing:
1. because I was frightened of my interview the next day and
2. because I really love the way she rights.

This is the 3rd and last book in the series. I would try to explain it, but really, it’s something you just have to experience.

I really hope I find another series that charms me as much as this one!


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