Things I did not expect from college – Liking Learning

From K-12, school was not a choice.  I didn’t expect to enjoy what I was doing, or to be excited to study or thrilled about getting to take a certain class. I just went to school and dreaded waking up and moaned and groaned every morning.

Now…I pour over my schedule and get excited about perfecting it. I get to take really awesome classes like human biochem and immunology. Of course, I do have to take icky classes like physics, but I think that’s life. I want to take these classes, and I enjoy studying for them. Maybe it’s the control I have over my schedule and the fact that I’m taking the classes I chose.

But it’s funny, I never really liked all science in high school. I definitely did like biology and anatomy, but chemistry? physics? I preferred language arts, literature, and math. But coming to college and learning more and more about the thinking process behind presented scientific facts… I didn’t realize I would like and want to learn.

This has also transferred to wanting to learn about my own cognition, habits, and various other topics such as social skills, languages, cooking, crafts, etc.

I read this post today, and it was struck a chord with me. I am responsible for my own learning. That’s encouraging, isn’t it? You can learn whatever you want to learn.

There’s also the learning about who I am and what I like. But I doubt that has as much to do with college as with just growing up in general.

Anyways. College is fun ’cause you learn stuff you want to learn.

Other things I did not expect:


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