Post-Interview Thank you’s

Someone brought it up at the orientation during my interview…

“Should we email thank you letters to our interviewers directly or…?”

I was grateful for that question, because I had not thought of writing thank you’s to my interviewers! When I got home though, I started to wonder what more I should write than “Thank you for being amazing and thank you for defending me during the acceptance/rejection committee meeting if you decide to do so (Please do).” So of course I googled, and of course many different sites came up to talk about maximizing the effects of the post-interview letter. There were some good points, but overall, the experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

First the good. Thank them, of course. Talk about your favorite parts of your conversation, so the interviewer will remember who you actually are.

Then…talk about your skills and attributes? And why you would make a great fit to the school? Maybe it’s just me, but…why can’t a thank you letter be just a genuine expression of gratitude? I thought the other parts of the application (you know, the personal statement, extracurrics, and then the interview itself) were the parts that talked about your skills, etc.

I feel icky. I know the application process is very tough and competitive, and there are probably too many qualified applicants. But why does the thank you letter at the end have to be about “getting an extra edge?” Why can’t we be nice humans and say, “Thank you, I really enjoyed this, have a great life?” An expression of…you are super thankful that the interviewer(s) took the time out of their busy busy schedules to simply talk to you. That they are carefully monitoring you, because medical school may not be the right place for you as of right now, and they’re giving you the chance to grow and explore the world.

I ended up just saying thank you, and mentioning my favorite parts of the interview conversation. I couldn’t bring myself to really write “3 characteristics that show I’m a great candidate.” Maybe I’m naive. But I think I prefer myself that way. I don’t want every single step of my life calculated to give me an edge. I do enough of that already.

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