The Waiting

I don’t know what it is…actually, I have a pretty good idea. I’ve been pretty unfocused lately. All my life I’ve wanted to go to med school, and then become a doctor. Right now, after my first interview, I’m just…waiting. There’s nothing more to do to influence the decision.

Mayhaps I need to prepare myself for the worst and try to make myself a better applicant in case I get rejected. I know I was weak in the leadership area.

But…I’m just holding my breath. I am in limbo. I feel flat and uninspired. I keep trying to tell myself that feelings don’t control me, but man, they are pretty powerful.

I’ll keep doing my best with school work. But I think I’ll take the rest of the month off from trying to guess at my future. I’ll start prepping for my next interview in Jan, and hopefully soon after, I’ll hear back from school #1.


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