Happy New Year!

Ah, a time of resolutions and fresh starts…

I need lots of those, so this is actually a second time of “resolution-making and serious goal-setting.” The first is my birthday, cause that’s technically the “new year” for me.
I also like to make monthly resolutions/goals. Focus is important for getting something done, so I like to focus on one little goal each month. Last month was having daily reflection time with Beth Moore’s Portraits of Devotion, of which I am now very fond! I only missed one day, and I am very proud of that 🙂
And then there are my weekly reflection times… I need a lot of reflecting time. I like it!

Anyways, onwards… For this year!

Some very specific, measurable goals:
– run a 5K under 30 minutes
– memorize 5 “new” piano pieces (ones that haven’t been previously memorized)
– read 25 books (I got 24 in during 2014, so let’s see if I can’t do one more!)
– finish Beth Moore’s POD
– call my aunt 1x/week

Things to try:
– soccer (I’m going to casually dip my toes into the Bundesliga…I cheered for Germany during the summer after both Korea and U.S. dropped out. So fun!)
– knitting
– camping/backpacking/road trip

Other general things:
– let people know when I arrive safely somewhere (I’m so bad at this)
– only make promises I can keep!
– keep an observations book
– find and practice core values

I’m still biting my nails about med school, but I may need to find something else to do next year! I’ll have to seriously think about plan B now.

What are y’all’s resolutions? I’m always looking for something creative to add to my lists 😉

Good luck to everyone else starting school this week! (or at all!)


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