Rude gestures in other countries

While browsing Buzzfeed (as I’m often prone to doing), I started looking at The 45 Most Powerful Photos of 2014. There’s one picture with two women, one Israeli and the other Palestinian. The first time I saw this photo, I was confused at the aggressive way they were throwing peace signs at each other. Apparently, they were gesturing rudely at each other.

So, if you’re traveling, you should know that some common American gestures are considered rude to others…It’s probably just best to brush up before you go to a specific country.

But the most interesting thing about this to me is that idea of what we know is limited to…what we know. Even though some event or piece of knowledge may mean the world to one person, it could be absolutely meaningless to the next. Like morse code, or any other different language. This could extend to experiences, and culture, and on.
Ultimately, I think this is what makes some people more empathetic. Not only that they have  knowledge of what something means to others, but also that they realize they might not understand the significance of certain things. And that that’s okay, and they’re still willing to try and understand it from the other’s point of view.


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