I’m bad about news but…

I’m really horrible at keeping up with the news. I’ll usually find out a few days later that some significant world event happened, or maybe the details. This time, I was more than a week behind learning about what the Boko Haram did in Northern Nigeria. I’m horrible at keeping up, but usually get a whiff from Reddit or Facebook. But more than a week?? The 12 people that died in France are certainly important and I’m glad we are being united and mourning for them. But what about the 2,000 people in Northern Nigeria? Why isn’t this bigger news?

Moreover, why have I never heard of this group before? Apparently they have been active for 5 years or so, and killed an estimated 11,000 people in the past year. AH! Why are people so crazy? It makes me so sad, and of course out of morbid curiosity, I go and read about the school in Pakistan that was invaded and torn apart last year… This quote just…:
“The smaller the coffin, the harder it is to carry.”
– Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif



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