Athens, you surprise me all the time! Just when I thought I had all the hole-in-the-wall places down on my make-sure-to-eat-here list, this gem pops up.

Homemade is on Baxter street, next to The Sultan and Bulldog Sporting Goods. It’s the part of Baxter I always forget exists, until I actually see it. You know those roads that are so short in your memory, but in reality are the longest roads you’ve ever been on? This is that street for me.

Anyways, Homemade is only open for lunch, so plan accordingly! They also do catering, but I couldn’t justify catering for me myself and I.


Look at the presentation! So adorable! Definitely for girly lunches 🙂

I got a medley of “side” dishes – tomato and pepper soup w/ cheese straws (the first to go on this cold day), mac and cheese (they have some interesting, almost…sweet? cinnamony? breadcrumbs on top of the creamiest mac and cheese… absolutely fabulous), and winter vegetables (I couldn’t even name some of the vegetables. Rutabaga? Turnip? I need to culture myself). This came with “cornbread brushed with pepper jelly.”

They also have salads, sandwiches, quinoa bowls, and pints of food you can buy and take home.

Prices: $6 – 10

It was all so good, and I am definitely coming here again!


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