I can’t study because I’m so stressed?

This is kind of a counterintuitive idea. If you’re worried about a test, then the logical thing to do is study for it, right? Because rationally, studying => learning material => understanding what the test is asking for and knowing how to answer the question => good grade!


Sometimes, I get so stressed out that I can’t focus. Actually, not being able to concentrate is one of the main indicators for myself that I am really stressed out. That and procrastinating.

A recap of this weekend:
1. I thought to myself – I need to study all weekend for the 3 tests + lab report I have due next week. I have so much time, I’ll get tons of studying done.
2. Friday = I went through one powerpoint.
3. Saturday = I went through two powerpoints.

Out of the seven I have for this class only.

Did I do anything else productive or fun? Well I slept 12 hours last night, and only woke up because my brother called me.

A list of all I have to do:
1. Go through ~350 slides for Cell Bio and learn the material. I’m afraid of this because I mostly know about everything on there, just not to infinite detail. And learning everything to infinite detail, which would have once appealed to me…I feel like there’s not enough time because…
2. Lab Report – this is so strictly graded that I’m afraid to do this also. It seems like such a silly thing now that I’ve typed it out. I’ll spend an hour on this before going to small group tonight.
3. Research and write my take home exam for biotech. This takes SO long. Not to mention I also need to study for the in class portion.
4. Study for Immunology. I’m also afraid of this, because the time I spent studying for the last exam is approximately triple of what I’ve spent so far on this test.

I think my main paralyzing fear is time. I don’t believe I have enough time to study and put in enough effort for each subject. But what is enough? I have the time that I have, and procrastinating and worrying is not going to increase that time.

Whew, feels better just to type out the thoughts and get it out.


4 thoughts on “I can’t study because I’m so stressed?

    1. That’s so interesting! I usually take the opposite approach and make outlines of themes and concepts because details go right over my head when I’m stressed.

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