The Table

As far as hole-in-the-wall goes, The Table is THE winner. This lil restaurant was a beast to find! But, I am so glad we found it, because it was a fantastic dining experience!

This is the building! And this is what it looks like coming from Alps.
Here's what it looks like coming from campus!
Here’s what it looks like coming from campus!


Here’s ^ a close up! …well kind of. If you’re walking down the sidewalk, you’ll see this. There’s a salon close to the street, and The Table is right behind that!


The staff was super friendly and welcomed us as we walked through the door. One girl came out to offer me a menu even though they have a gorgeous chalkboard menu covering one wall. Later, the owner/chef? came around to all the tables to ask how everything was going.

This is how they designate order numbers. How southern and adorable 🙂

And of course the food…absolutely delicious!

And so insta-worthy!
And so insta-worthy!

I got the Mahi-Mahi sandwich with a side of creamy creamy grits. Those grits had amazing silky smooth texture!

This wonderful experience came at the low price of $10 – including a generous tip, my entree + side, and the peaceful atmosphere as I sat chatting with my friend. I did get water,  so a drink may cost a little bit more. No alcohol is served!

I guess I should make a disclaimer that my roommate’s friend’s family friend (not even joking) owns the restaurant, but I have no idea who they are, and so my opinions were completely formed on my own!

If you’re looking for an affordable, yummy meal in a great atmosphere, I one thousand percent recommend this place!


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