Happy August!

It’s already the start of the new school year, and I am anxiously but excitedly awaiting my first day of class… I already met some of my new classmates at a tech session, where we struggled through a to-do list of getting our laptops battle ready (I hope my 4 year old Mac will stand the test of time…). I’ll meet a bunch more of them tomorrow at a welcome dinner, and then at orientation on Monday and Tuesday. Exciting!

For now my main goals have been to finish up paperwork and to get my house cleaned up and comfortable to live in. I must say I’m pretty pleased with how my workspace has turned out. All my necessities in one place, and pictures hanging around to cheer me up too. The last thing I need to tackle on the home front is getting a white board (or DIY-ing) and planning out meals. Although I love to eat, I’m an indolent adult-wannabe when in comes to cooking every night. It just takes so much effort and time! So I usually cook once or twice a week in large batches to tide me over.

I bought a whole chicken last week, and after letting it sit in salt water for a day (I was too lazy to cook it after letting it sit for a few hours, so it just turned into a day…), slowcooked it with a BUNCH of rosemary, onions, garlic, salt, and crushed peppercorns. The resultant broth became my own version of French onion soup with rice (I say my version because it is actually probably nothing like F.O.S., although I liked it a lot!). I froze a good portion of all of this (and some sauteed spinach), so I have some ready made meals.

For this week, I’m thinking some kind of apricot-green been salad (I saw something about it on buzzfeed and it sounds so yummy!), zucchini-eggplant-mushroom something, and berries! Berries galore!!!!!

Well I’m off to continue reading Mansfield Park! After a long summer of wonderful children’s novels and mindless reading (or none at all), my brain is squirming under the pressure of comprehending exactly what Austen is trying to convey. But it has sucked me in, and my Harry Potter Hangover is finally winding down. Good riddance!


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