Old City, New People

Since I grew up in the city I am now attending med school in (AH I still cannot get used to it…), it has been a weird quasi-transition. I’ve moved all my stuff back, changed up my room, met a whole bunch of new people…yet I still feel like I’m at a summer camp, or just home for the break. To be fair, I felt like I was at a camp all of Freshman year thanks to being in the dorms.
It is nice though, to not be worried about finding a grocery store I like, or feeling I have to explore the city. I can just focus on school, and find hidden gems here that have popped up since I’ve been in Athens.

Our welcome dinner was today, and it’s so nice to feel like I’m wanted and supported here! We have something called a house system, where they divide our class (of 190 people!) into 20 “houses,” so we can get to know people on a much more manageable scale. I’m so impressed at the interviewing process now, because I feel like I clicked with almost everyone I’ve met so far. These people…my colleagues? peers? I am so impressed by them! They are so accomplished and friendly and interesting, and I haven’t met nearly everyone!

The more grueling parts of orientation begins tomorrow, so after emailing a few forms in, I’m headed for bed!

Does anyone have any advice for these first few weeks??? I already feel overwhelmed!


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