Finally, Day 1

It fills me with astonishment, terror, and exhilaration to write this next sentence: I attended my first class of medical school today.

And what an appropriate subject: The Art of Doctoring. We talked about how medical school was a commitment to a lifetime of morals and ethics, we wrote a draft of our class oath, and we learned that our professors have great senses of humor.

I must admit though, I already feel behind, because there are a couple papers to be read (which I did not get through for today) with each day’s lecture, 4 assignments due by Sunday/Monday, and a general sense of “I know I’m forgetting something.” I completed a training course (we have so many of these – conflicts of interest, policy, etc), and even the simple quizzes are so much harder. Upperclassmen and faculty are constantly assuring us that this is very normal, and not to stress about more than today and its duties.

But the hardest part up to this point has been to determine whether or not we need to dress in business casual for the day.

I’m excited and still starry-eyed, and I love this feeling. I love the focus on ethics and patient-centeredness, and I feel elated, like I know I have indeed chosen a profession I will adore. I love my classmates, I love the care the rest of the school lavishes on us, and I love feeling like my life is not hanging on a thread waiting for an email of acceptance.

I’m most likely going to come back to that paragraph and wistfully say, “Ah, the good ol’ days…” maybe even in a few weeks 😉 but for now, it is wonderful!


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