A Brand New Module!

Starting each new module is always the hardest part, because I feel like I’m starting all over again – how should I study? what will questions look like? As I felt like I was settling into the musculoskeletal system module, it finished! Although I must say I am not too upset at that 😀 We’ve started our cardiopulmonary module, and it is a different beast. It is physiology heavy, and it is tinged with physics… and physics and I have a rough past 😛 I have been trying to self-study and use lectures as supplementary material. Since all of our lectures are recorded, I can speed up the videos, which gives me time to pause when I need to think about something or concentrate on writing notes (I can’t listen and write at the same time – not very well at least). This is really helpful since that means less of a lecture is lost on me.

As far as time management goes, I think I’m studying a little more efficiently by committing to staying on campus 8am-5pm M-F. Although this doesn’t always work out, it certainly helps! Because when I go home, it takes too much effort to pull out the books, and I only get about an hour of studying done. The biggest hurdle to overcome was a mental one: it’s okay to not know everything. This…this was especially tough because, well, what if someone dies because I didn’t study hard enough? If I had looked over that pathway or disease just once more… But this is a marathon. I want to remain mentally intact for the rest of my life, and I think I’ll do much more good by putting down the material sometimes (at least, I certainly hope so!). So I’ve had plenty of time to run, socialize with friends, read (currently on Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior), watch T.V., play the piano…

Thus far this school year, I have learned mountains of information about the body. I’ve learned about muscles, nerves, and arteries galore, diseases, the physical exam (we’ve had a few standardized patients now)…However, to my great dismay, I feel like I have also forgotten mountains of information. Sometimes it’s hard to focus or study because I’m so sure I’ll forget everything I’m learning right then. It’s very discouraging! And my to-review list is so long, I bet Santa’s list has nothing on me.

I’ve been seeing a few pieces of advice that I really hope are true:

  1. The knowledge will come with repetition.
  2. Just get through first year learning as much as you can, and not worrying about what you don’t remember. Everything will be repeated.

Hopefully I’ll know something one day. For now, I must go back to looking through a lecture and finding some practice problems!



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