I’m…done for the night???

I have 1 and 1/2 hours until bedtime, and I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Almost.

I currently have Hitchhiker’s Guide on the TV – WAIT IS THAT BILBO??? I’ve never watched this before, and have yet to read the book. I don’t know, the title never really attracted me. But I do love Martin Freeman. This is already amusing – but what is even going on. British humor is the best.
I also have my journal next to me, and am blogging, and am planning to scroll through buzzfeed a bit, then get into bed and read Mansfield Park and call mom before bed. (I did say almost up there 😉 )

For study breaks today, I played a bit of piano, read a little, and also got a 30 minute yoga workout in before dinner. I caught a little cold over the weekend, but the workout really cleared out my sinuses and stopped the general achy-ness!

This week already feels so much better. I did some brief pre-readings/outline- makings before class today, and it made the after-school studying a LOT faster since I filled out my outlines in class. I had to catch up with the lecture from Friday, but I’ve also gotten through all the lectures from today as well as pre-reading for half the lectures tomorrow. I’m feeling excited that tomorrow will go quickly! I am planning to do detailed pre-outlines for Wed and Thurs because I have a problem-based learning session and a physical diagnosis session on those days, respectively.
I guess I also don’t feel so pressured because I know I’ll have the weekend to study. But I’m doing my best to keep up during the week so I can take Saturday off!

So far, the material isn’t as detailed as the science courses in undergrad, but each lecture squishes in half a semester’s worth of topics. It’s kind of fun zooming through my whole undergrad education. And thank goodness I’ve seen all of this before, because I’m not sure I could keep up otherwise. My classmates continue to blow my mind – we have several people in their 30s. I cannot imagine going back to school after being out for so long!


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